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Sep 15, 2011 4:00pm PDT
united nations general assembly where the palestinian authority plans to seek u.n. recognition of a state in the west bank, gaza strip, and east jerusalem. at least 1 people have and killed in a bomb attack in northwest pakistan. a police say a device went off a bank during a funeral for a local tribal elder in a village. of the villagers were pro- government and formed an anti- taliban militia. now for the global economy. five of the world's leading central banks, including the u.s. federal reserve and bank of england, are taking coordinated action to try to help bolster the financial system. they will provide commercial banks with new loans to help ease funding pressures. it comes out as the head of the international monetary fund says the world is in a dangerous new phase which needed bold leadership, and she accused politicians of being indecisive. more details on what today's actions will mean. >> on a day of gloomy forecasts, a concerted move by the world's most powerful central banks. short-term loans are going to be made available to commercial banks. there had been growing concer
Sep 23, 2011 6:00pm EDT
who gave me his reaction to the day's events. >> when you hear speeches of the united nations general assembly, particularly when there's strong emotions attached to those speeches, it's not surprising that they seem very far apart about the u.n. has asked them to come back into a negotiation with a scheduled time table and in particular with a proposal that they present a comprehensive plan on borders and security to be key issues within three months and although there's a lot of obviously strong rhetoric in the general assembly, there is belief that now is the time to get back into the negotiations. >> but we still have the palestinians talking about settlements and israelis talking about security. two ships crossing in the night. >> what's the best way of dealing with it? deal with both issues quickly. the key thing about the quartet statement today is not all the preamble and so on but the fact that it says that within three months of beginning this then we have comprehensive proposals on borders which includes settlements and security which includes all the israeli concerns. >> t
Sep 22, 2011 2:30pm PDT
nations, world leaders continue to address the general assembly. among them was mahmoud ahmadinejad. he said the 9/11 attacks were used as a pretext by the u.s. delegation and other western diplomat. it was the controversial bid by palestine for membership in the u.n. that continues to dominate. the u.n. special representative for the middle east peace process is here. the u.k. prime minister, david cameron, echoed president obama today saying palestinian membership could not replace a peace agreement. isn't this a sign that the palestinians have given up on the peace process? >> i hope not. this is not what we are hearing from president abbas. he has told the secretary general back negotiations remain his priority. -- that negotiations remain his priority. this could be a reflection of their frustration of making one peace process after another. now they are seeking to advance in the united nations. i understand that president abbas tomorrow will come to the office of the secretary-general and submit a letter for membership to the united nations. what could happen after that? he will m
Sep 21, 2011 4:00pm PDT
in america and around the globe. we are coming to you live from the united nations where today president obama was among those who addressed the general assembly. in the 40 minute speech, only seven minutes is getting attention. that is when he forcefully rejected the palestinian bid for membership in the international body. >> diplomacy temporarily transfer -- temporarily transferred to new york. it seems unable to meet the challenges of a conflict that is once again looking dangerous. >> it is time for us to say, not on our watch. >> israel is keeping pressure on the obama administration to veto any application for membership. pro palestinians pushing for a seat at the u.n. as a giant step towards independence. even with the prospect of an american veto, the palestinians are claiming some victories. they put back the issue not just on u.n. membership but of their independence back on the international agenda in a way it was not before. a year ago, president obama called for a palestinian statehood in 12 months. it looks further away now than it did then. the palestinian never shipped a
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)